Paul Mullaly – Andrew Woodward – Luke Barbagallo – Paul Hemphill

“We need to prepare for the future and protect what’s important to our community.”

What we stand for

  • Community safety first – ensuring the security of our residents, roads, rivers and forests
  • Sound budget management – making sure Council lives within its means
  • Broad economic growth – creating jobs across the shire in multiple industries
  • Stringent environmental protection – protecting and restoring our incredible nature
  • Supporting business & farmers – providing practical support to establish, grow & market
  • Action on housing – accelerated implementation of the local housing strategy
  • Improving community support – delivering projects that help people every day
  • Making council effective – making council people-friendly and responsive
  • Delivering critical infrastructure – improving amenity, safety and opportunity for all

Aspiration for council

  • Provides places that are safe, vibrant and progressing 
  • Acts as a guardian of what’s important to them, like nature, lifestyle and people
  • Gets the basics right like amenity, facilities, cleaning, garbage and approvals
  • Sets the cultural agenda and managing the image/reputation of the shire
  • Spends money wisely, fairly and transparently
  • Mandates accessible Councillors and council officers
  • Listens and engages with people
  • Ensures transparent decision making

Andrew Woodward
Candidate for Mayor and Council

With his dog, Boss.


Candidate for Mayor and Councillor – Andrew Woodward

Andrew Woodward has led a busy and successful life, reaching the highest levels of his profession, obtaining important academic qualifications and contributing significantly to communities and causes. Andrew first moved to the north coast in the mid-1980’s. Professionally, Andrew has more than 20 years of senior management, marketing, communication, corporate relations and sustainability experience in high profile global environments. He has two Masters Degrees from UNSW – Business and Technology and Environmental Management.  Andrew is a strong advocate for action on climate change and has been involved in social, economic and environmental policy development for over 30 years. Andrew works in sports management, lives in Bellingen and is a father of two teensRead Andrew’s manifesto: Link.

Candidate for Councillor – Luke Barbagallo

Luke Barbagallo is a resident of Bellingen, and is standing for council for the first time. He has an undergraduate business degree majoring in entrepreneurship, and a Master of Disaster, Design and Development, working with a local organisation for his final research project. With professional experience in international and community development, education, small business and hospitality management, he would bring diverse skills and perspective as an elected councillor. Luke’s motivation to run for Council is his desire to support environmentally sustainable tourism and small businesses within the whole Shire. Luke is also deeply committed to improving the disaster preparedness and resilience of the Shire in the face of drought, flood and fire, in a manner that is inclusive of all residents.

Candidate for Councillor – Paul Hemphill

Paul been connected to Bellingen Shire since he first came here as a musician in 1984. Now retired, he’s been an accountant and manager with strong technical, communication and people skills and with experience in project and change management, training and mentoring. As a mediator, he has managed conflict situations at all organisational levels. he volunteers with Settlement Services International, helping refugees to settle in the Coffs Harbour region. With a long association with Bellingen Community Radio 2BBB, he is its voluntary accountant. As a mediator, he believes in consultation, communication, accessibility, resolving conflict and division, and in reaching out to and representing all residents. As an accountant, he believes in sound financial management, fiscal responsibility and accountability. As an environmentalist, he believes in protecting and restoring our ecosystem and biodiversity. And as a life-long social democrat – he got his break in life through public housing and free healthcare and education – he believes in the importance of social services, community, equality and social justice.  

Candidate for Councillor – Paul Mulally

Paul Mulally was born and educated in Sydney.  He was raised in public housing and was the first of his near family to have the opportunity of attending university.  He graduated from Sydney University with law degrees, the first in the 70s and then a Master’s Degree in the 90s.  In 1975 he commenced his own law practice in the expanding Macarthur area with a friend.  The two continued in practice together there for the next 40 years.  It was a general practice covering family law, crime, legal aid work including as a duty solicitor, estates, property and almost everything else.  The credo of the firm was to help those bewildered by and fearful of legal processes.  Now settled in Dorrigo.  He has always been involved in community groups, including holding board positions in two not for profit groups in Dorrigo.


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  • Phone: 0401154959
  • Mail: PO Box 13, Bellingen NSW 2454


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