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We want a council that keeps us safe, turns things around, prepares for the future and protects what’s important to us.”

  • Community safety first – ensuring the security of our residents, roads, rivers and forests,
  • Turning things around – focussing on creating jobs and helping small business
  • COVID safety and recovery – keeping as safe and getting us back to normal
  • Sound budget management – making sure Council lives within its means
  • Broad economic growth – creating jobs across the shire in multiple industries
  • Stringent environmental protection – protecting and restoring our incredible nature
  • Supporting business & farmers – providing practical support to establish, grow & market
  • Action on housing – accelerated implementation of the local housing strategy
  • Improving community support – delivering projects that help people every day
  • Making council effective – making council people-friendly and responsive
  • Delivering critical infrastructure – improving amenity, safety and opportunity for all
  • Provides places that are safe, vibrant and progressing 
  • Acts as a guardian of what’s important to them, like nature, lifestyle and people
  • Gets the basics right like amenity, facilities, cleaning, garbage and approvals
  • Sets the cultural agenda and managing the image/reputation of the shire
  • Spends money wisely, fairly and transparently
  • Mandates accessible Councillors and council officers
  • Listens and engages with people
  • Ensures transparent decision making

Andrew Woodward
Candidate for Mayor and Council

I have led a busy and successful life, reaching the highest levels of my profession in business and government in Australia and overseas, obtaining important academic qualifications and contributing significantly to communities and causes. These days I am locally focussed, running a small business and community organisation. I want to put my experience, expertise and credentials to work for the benefit of all of Bellingen Shire. I want to lead a council that keeps us safe, turns things around, prepares for the future and protects what’s important to us.


  • Contact: Paul Hemphill
  • Email: Link
  • Phone: 0401154959
  • Mail: PO Box 13, Bellingen NSW 2454


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  • National Platform: Link (2021)
  • NSW Platform: Link (2018)


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Updated: 13 September 2021

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