Danielle Matignier-Babb

I was born in France in the central plateau of Auvergne.  I first settled in Sydney and retired in Bellingen with my partner over two decades ago.

My background is Human Resources in the areas of Hospitality, Transport and Health. I qualified in Hotel/Personnel Management, Advanced Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and a Workcover Accredited Trainer.

After retiring, I attended the local TAFE and obtained my Horticulture Certificates.  I am especially concerned about employment, housing and transport in the Shire for all people.

I am a member of Amnesty International and The Secular Association of NSW.  I volunteered at the local Radio Station 2BBB for ten years.

I love reading and writing short stories.  I also enjoy listening to music, (mostly classical, jazz and gypsy swing) cooking and gardening.

Previous councils have done little to address employment issues in our Shire. Lack of public transport and affordable housing in the Shire are big issues.

I would like to see a Council that caters for all people, not just the Tourism industry that calls for insecure and seasonal employment. 

I would like to see Council take a different direction such as improving facilities and creating permanent full-time employment. Industries such as light manufacturing for example, that will allow the retaining of our youth and young families in the area. 

As an older candidate, I will bring experience and a different point of view to the required amenities in the Shire.