Paul Mulally

Paul Mulally was born and educated in Sydney.  He was raised in public housing and was the first of his near family to have the opportunity of attending university.  He graduated from Sydney University with law degrees, the first in the 70s and then a Master’s Degree in the 90s.  In 1975 he commenced his own law practice in the expanding Macarthur area with a friend.  The two continued in practice together there for the next 40 years.  It was a general practice covering family law, crime, legal aid work including as a duty solicitor, estates, property and almost everything else.  The credo of the firm was to help those bewildered by and fearful of legal processes.  Now settled in Dorrigo.  He has always been involved in community groups, including holding board positions in two not for profit groups in Dorrigo. He believes that Council should rely less on highly paid consultants and more on the life experience of elected Councillors with savings ploughed back into essential works and proper staffing. EmailLink