I first moved to the north coast in the mid-1980’s. I have more than 20 years of senior management, marketing, communication, corporate relations and sustainability experience in high profile global environments. I have led a busy and successful life, reaching the highest levels of my profession in business and government in Australia and overseas, obtaining important academic qualifications and contributing significantly to communities and causes. I am also a parent to two teens and a dog owner.  I have two Masters Degrees from UNSW – Business and Technology and Environmental Management. These days I am locally focussed, running a small business and community organisation in the sports industry. I want to put my experience, expertise and credentials to work for the benefit of all of Bellingen Shire. I want to lead a council that keeps us safe, turns things around, prepares for the future and protects what’s important to us.

I have been connected to Bellingen Shire since I first came here as a musician in 1984. I have three masters degrees, in politics, commerce and dispute resolution. I’ve been an accountant and manager with strong technical, communication and people skills and experience in project and change management, training and mentoring. As a mediator, I managed conflict situations at all organisational levels. I volunteer at 2BBB and Settlement Services. I believe in consultation, communication, accessibility, resolving conflict and division, and in reaching out to and representing all residents. As an accountant, I believe in sound financial management, fiscal responsibility and accountability. As an environmentalist, I believe in protecting and restoring our ecosystem and biodiversity. And as a life-long social democrat – I received my break in life through public housing and free healthcare and education. I believe in the importance of social services, community, equality and social justice.

I was born in France in the central plateau of Auvergne.  I first settled in Sydney and retired in Bellingen with my partner over two decades ago. My background is in Human Resources in the areas of Hospitality, Transport and Health. I qualified in Hotel/Personnel Management, Advanced Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and a Workcover Accredited Trainer. After retiring, I attended the local TAFE and obtained my Horticulture Certificates. I am especially concerned about employment, housing and transport in the Shire for all people. Previous councils have done little to address employment issues in our Shire. Lack of public transport and affordable housing in the Shire are big issues. would like to see Council take a different direction such as improving facilities and creating permanent full-time employment. As an older candidate, I will bring experience and a different point of view to the required amenities in the Shire.

I was born and educated in Sydney.  I was raised in public housing and was the first of my near family to have the opportunity of attending university. I graduated from Sydney University with law degrees, the first in the 70s and then a Master’s Degree in the 90s.  In 1975 I commenced my own law practice in the expanding Macarthur area with a friend. It was a general practice covering family law, crime, legal aid work including as a duty solicitor, estates, property and almost everything else. The credo of the firm was to help those bewildered by and fearful of legal processes.  I am now settled in Dorrigo. I have always been involved in community groups, including holding board positions in two not-for-profit groups in Dorrigo. I believe that Council should rely less on highly paid consultants and more on the life experience of elected Councillors with savings ploughed back into essential works and proper staffing.

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